25mmX3mm Copper Tape


25mmX3mm Copper Tape, Manufacture 25mmX3mm Copper Tape in India, Supplier of 25mmX3mm Copper Tape in Mumbai

25mmX3mm Copper Tape

Amiable Impex manufactures 25mmX3mm Copper Tape



Size mm

Product  Code

12.5 x 1.5

E12-BCT -1215

12.5 x 3

E12-BCT -1253

20 x 1.5

E12-BCT -2015

20 x 3

                       E12-BCT -203

25 x 1.5

E12-BCT -2515

25 x 3

                        E12-BCT -253

25 x 4

                        E12-BCT -254

25 x 6                                                        

                         E12-BCT -256

30 x 3

                         E12-BCT -303



Size mm

Product Code

30 x 6

E12-BCT -306

38 x 3

E12-BCT -383

38 x 5

E12-BCT -385

38 x 6

E12-BCT -386

40 x 4

E12-BCT -404

40 x 6

E12-BCT -406

50 x 3

E12-BCT -503

50 x 4

E12-BCT -504

50 x 6

E12-BCT -506


We manufacture and export 25mmX3mm Copper Tape in India. Our range of in manufacturing of Copper Products also includes 25mmX3mm Copper Tape.


25mmX3mm Copper Tape

Material – High conductivity Copper Tape to BS EN 13601 (Formerly BS 1432)

 *Add suffix “T” to the product code for “Tinned Copper  Tape”.

 25mmX3mm Copper Tape is used for both lightning and earthing protection – Our copper earth tapes are annealed for ease of use with radiuses edges. These high conductivity 25mmX3mm Copper Tapes are used on both lightning protection and earthing applications. All bare copper earth tapes are to BSEN13601.

 25mmX3mm Copper Tape forms an essential component of earthing and lightning protection systems – bare copper, LSF, PVC and green/yellow insulated copper earth tapes are available.

 Due to latest technology and dedicated team work, we have been accredited with reputed ISO 9001: 2008 certification. The production are in compliance with the main Indian, American and British standards as regards chemical analysis, dimension tolerance, mechanical and electrical properties as well as surface quality.

 Our Other products



Table Of Content



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Tin Copper Braids


Copper Flexible Connectors


Copper Stranded


Copper Braid Bond Flexible


Copper Braided Flexible Straps


Flexible Bare Copper Braid Round


Flexible Bare Copper Braid Flat


Copper Earth Tape / Bare Copper Earthing Tape


Aluminium Earth Tape / Bare Aluminium Earthing Tape


Pvc Coated Copper Tape / PVC Cover Copper Tape

 Regd. Office –                    AMIABLE IMPEX.

                                          101/A, Surya Darshan, Pai Nagar,

                                           Borivali(W), Mumbai – 400092. India.

                                           Phone: 022-28933996 / 022-28957101

                                            Fax: 022-28957102     

                                           AMIABLE IMPEX

                                            501/A, Surya Darshan, Pai Nagar,

                                            Near Ganjawala Lane, J.S.Road

                                           Borivali(W), Mumbai – 400092. India                                                                                             

Contact Person –                 MAULIK SHAH

                                           E-mail: maulik@amiableimpex.com                          

                                          Mob :+ 91- 9594899995

                                         UJJWAL SHAH

                                         E-mail: ujjwal@amiableimpex.com                          

                                         Tel :+ 91- 22-28933996


Website:                        WWW.AMIABLEIMPEX.COM

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